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Roof Repair is the process of fixing any damage, including leaks and emergency issues, to ensure that your roof is functioning properly. Our professional roofing contractors in Canberra and Queanbeyan have seen everything from leaky roofs to cracked tiles, and damaged foundations!

Typically, the process starts with an inspection to find any visible signs of damage, such as missing or broken slate or metal tiles, cracks, or leaking gutters. Then we will determine the root cause of the problem, undertake a plan of repair and provide you with a quote for the required costs involved. We offer both cheap and competitive prices.

After carrying out the roof repairs, we will inspect the roof and run special tests on the roof, using advanced technologies like infrared thermography for detecting hidden moisture and electronic leak detection, to ensure that the job has been completed perfectly.

The mark of a true professional roofer is the systematic approach to uncovering the true cause of a roof problem, identifying and rectifying the problem to prevent it from ever happening again and saving you money in the long run!

Here’s how our professional roofers work:


Roofing Repair Services
We fix:


leaky roofs


cracked tiles


hail or storm damage


damaged flashing or shingles


rodent, pest or bird damage


poor insulation


... and more!

1. Inspection:
The first step is to conduct a visual inspection of the roof, looking for any signs of damage, leaks, or other issues, including checking for underlying causes that we can’t see just on top of the roof. That’s why we will also inspect the roof structure for any signs of damage, such as rot or sagging.

2. Finding the Problem
After inspecting for signs of damage, our expert roofers will be able to determine the root cause of the issue, whether it’s a leaking gutter or damaged flashing, missing shingles, or damaged underlay.

3. Plan + Quote
Now the roofer can put together a plan of attack for how best to eliminate the problem. At this point, we will also provide you with our plan and our quote for every item we will need to complete the job.

4. Repair
Once you are happy with all the details, the roofer will begin the repairs, which may involve removing and replacing damaged slate or metal tiles or repairing gutters.

5. Testing and Inspection
After every job, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that all of the repairs were completed as planned. Once the repairs have been completed, it is time to test and inspect the roof to make sure that the repairs went perfectly, using a hose or other tools to simulate rain and check for any leaks.

6. Clean-up and Maintenance
The roofer will fully clean up the work area and also do some additional maintenance tasks to ensure the roof stays clean and functioning for as long as possible, including trimming overhanging tree branches or clearing debris from gutters to prevent future damage.

Overall, our professional roofing contractors in Canberra and Queanbeyan take a systematic approach to diagnose and repair common problems with roofs, offering competitive prices and ensuring that the repairs are effective and long-lasting. Contact us today for a quote!

Frequently Asked Roof Repair Questions

What are some signs that I need roof repair?

There are many different signs that indicate you may need roof repairs. 

You may notice visual signs, like missing or broken shingles, visible cracks or leaks, water stains on walls or ceilings, sagging or buckling areas on the roof, or visible damage to the roof structure. However, there may also be more difficult to tell signs. F0r instance, a colder or warmer house could indicate a weather leakage or poor insulation. The smell of mold might indicate an infestation within the rafters.

Often you might already know the problem before you call us. But even if you don’t know exactly what the issue is -we can help you find it. 


How do I know if my roof is leaking?

Some signs that your roof may have a leak include water stains on walls or ceilings, musty odors, visible dampness in the attic, or visibly damaged or missing shingles.

Do cracked tiles need to be replaced?

Yes. The tiles are outer layer of the barrier that protects your home roof from the weather.  Cracked tiles should be replaced to avoid water damage or leaks in the roof. If cracked tiles can allow water to seep into your roof, the underlying structure can be damaged. 

Can I replace cracked tiles myself?

Although it’s possible to replace cracked tiles yourself, it’s certainly not recommended. Especially if you have no prior experience.

Roofing repairs are done many meters off the ground and therefore can be very dangerous. It can lead to additional damage to the roof and even worse, injury or death.

We have all the tools and experience needed to safely get the job done. 


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Roofing Canberra is a trusted roofing company in the Canberra community with years of experience. Whether you need roof repairs, replacement, or installation, our team of skilled professionals has the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

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At Roofing Canberra, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. Trust us to take care of your roofing needs and ensure your home is protected for years to come.

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We understand that trust is key when it comes to hiring contractors to work on your property.

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