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At Roofing Canberra, we have a combined 30 years of experience, roofing Canberra and throughout Queanbeyan and the ACT. Our professional contractors offer a range of services including roof repairs, roof restoration, gutter cleaning, and re-roofing.

We understand that cost is an important factor when considering roofing services. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing free, fair, and accurate quotes. Our goal is to provide high-quality roofing that lasts a lifetime, while also ensuring affordability for our clients.

So, whether you need roof repairs, a new roof installation, or gutter cleaning, trust Roofing Canberra, the ACT roofing experts and contact us today.

And just like the 15 years warrantee on all of our roofs, we’ll be there for you; rain, hail or shine.

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Our Canberra Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Leaky roof? Cracked or missing Tiles? A broken roof can cause further damage to your houses foundation. Let us diagnose the issue and offer a free quote.

Roof Restoration

Feel like a fresh look for your weathered roof? Be the envy of the street with a sparkling clean and vibrant new roof. We can restore your existing roof, or add a whole new one!

Gutter Cleaning

Overflowing gutters are not pretty, even worse, they are a fire hazard! Let our trained experts safely scale the roof with the perfect equipment for the job.

Fully Insured and Verified

We understand that trust is key when it comes to hiring contractors to work on your property.

That’s why Roofing Canberra is proud to be fully insured, giving you peace of mind that your property is protected. We’re also members of both the Housing Industry Association and The Metal Roofing and Cladding Association, so you can trust that our work is held to the highest standards in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that a roof needs repair or maintenance?

There are many tell tale signs that indicate it may be time to have your roof inspected by a professional. These include:

Exterior wear and tear:

Exterior wear and tear like cracking tiles or broken shingles can mean that the integrity of your roof is compromised and water can seep within and damage the internals of the roof. Sometimes this a quick fix but leaving this unattended can slowly damage the structure of the house.

Exterior mould and stains:

Not only can mould and stains make your roof look unclean but growing mould could potentially cause damage to your roof by forcing roof tiles or shingles apart and letting water in.

Sometimes mould and stains are a warning sign for poor drainage which is something that we check for when we inspect your roof.

Internal leaking:

Patches of water on walls or on the ceiling are typically a strong indicator that the roof is leaking and water is building up and flowing into one particular area.

Sometimes before water seeps down into the walls or the ceiling, it will first dampen and rot the roofing underlay. This is an early sign that we can check for.

Over time this can degrade the structure of your house and create much more serious issues down the line. A problem like a leaky roof should be taken care of immediately. This will often be the fault of some missing or cracked shingles that are allowing water inside the roof and into the house.

Should we replace my faulty roof? Or just repair it?
Certainly, repairing a part of the roof is cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

If the issue with the roof is localised (is in one, small area) then often if can be repaired without replacing large sections of roof.

This is one reason why roof maintenance is so important. Diagnosing little repair issues early on, prevents these little issues from degrading to the point of needing a whole roof replacement later!

However, there are so many factors to consider so it is important to treat these roof issues on a case by case basis. What is the age of the roof? What is the material? Is the roof hard to access?

In some cases it may be wiser to invest in a new roof that lasts for decades instead of continuously repairing a damaged, fading roof.

We’ve seen every kind of roof problems and we will always talk with you and understand your unique situation before we suggest some solutions to your roof issues.

Is a leaky roof expensive to fix?
The first step in any repair job is to diagnose the issue. Often, a leaking roof is simply caused by missing or cracked shingles that are allowing water to seep inside the roof.

Replacing tiles and shingles are relatively cheap (compared to a roof installation!) and can be $200-$400 for minor issues like this. Of course there are so many factors ( like finding replacement tiles, issues with the shingles, flashing, capping) and this can mean some jobs could up to $1000 to $2000.

Let us take a look, and get back to you with a free quote of what we recommend. We’ll always take you through our ideas and never begin any work without fully discussing it with you first.

Does insurance cover my roof repairs?
Of course it depends on your individual cover.


in general, in Australia, we find it is common for roof repair to be covered if the damage has been caused by a natural disaster like a storm or a fire, or deliberate acts or vandalism or burglary, or 3rd party accidents like a truck backing into the gutter.

However, roofs generally have a lifespan of 20-40 years and general wear and tear is not covered under most insurance policies! At some point you may have to repair or replace your roof due to its natural lifespan.

Although the benefit of the doubt is often given, insurance companies have been known to reject damaged roof claims on the basis that it was not fully maintained or is close to the end of its natural life and thus contributed to the damage.

This is another reason why you should have your roof maintained and keep records!

How much does a brand new roof cost?

There are many important factors which contribute to the price of a new roof.

Size of Roof:
The main factor is the size of the roof itself. As a rough guide you can estimate $50-70/sqm of roof.

Choice of Material

Colorbond Steel is most affordable option for roofing material and can cost around $25/sqm.

Concrete Shingles, and Asphalt Shingles are another popular and affordable choice at approximately $50/sqm

Slate roofs are stunning to look at and are much more expensive to source: these cost around $200/sqm for high quality tiles!

Angle of Roof, Accessibility

Although it may not be the first thing you think of, the angle of the roof actually makes a big difference to us! While we work on roofs we always work safely with full safety equipment and procedures. A work environment that is more risky, like a steep roof required more planning and extra cautious execution.

Overall, $50-$70 per sqm of roof may be a very rough approximation of cost.

For a more accurate, and free quote Contact Roofing Canberra.

How long would does roof replacement take?
Of course the boring answer is: depends on the job! Every roof is different. (See our answer for “How much does a brand new roof cost?”

Replacing a few shingles or roof tiles often can be done on the same day, but a big job could take days or weeks.

In general, a medium family home may take 2-3 days to finish.

But there are so many other factors to consider like accessibility of roof, angle of roof, roof materials needed.

Ask us for a free quote and we’ll take all of this into account based on our years of experience.

Why is my roof stained?

Some people often notice a dark stain on their roof. It may look like patches of black or brown streaks.

Almost all of the time, this is the build up algae.

By the time it is visible to the eye, it has already been growing for at least 3 weeks. It is most common on roofs with asphalt shingles and also roofs in humid climates.

This is quite common and is not generally perceived as a health risk. However do your own research, especially if a family members suffers from asthma or has any respiratory illness.

Although it may not be a serious health risk, the mould can eventually grow over your whole roof. If you have tiles or shingles its also possible for the mould to grow and force tiles apart. This creates an opening for water to seep into the interior of the house.

The best thing is to clean it off! However don’t try this yourself – we require special chemicals and technique to fully eliminate the mould. It’s also very dangerous to be up high on a steep roof without training and equipment! Hundreds of Australians die every year from roof accidents.

Don’t worry – we provide a roof cleaning service and can take care of it in a jiffy. Ask us for a free quote.

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